BLE-LED-100, VIVID UV-A-LED Replacement Bulb


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BLE-LED-100 is perfect for use in any Non-Destructive Evaluation or Specialty Application that requires LED Ultraviolet (UV-A) Blacklight light. Convert your mercury vapor hid lamp to modern led technology with Vivid ™, the world’s best UV-A LED replacement bulb for fluorescent inspection.

What makes BLE-LED-100 different from our other models?

  • Drop in replacement bulb for SB-100P and FC-100 Series lamps
  • Replaces 100S/M and 100S/M HID bulbs

Nominal Steady-State UV-A Intensity at 4700 uW/cm2

UV-A Coverage Area: 6.5 in (16.5 cm)

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Convert your mercury vapor hid lamp to modern led technology with vivid™, the world’s best uv-a led replacement bulb for fluorescent inspection. Lasts 10x longer than a mercury vapor bulb. Can also be used in custom lamp fixtures that include enclosures. 

What’s included

Comes complete with one BLE-LED-100-Vivid™ Replacement UV-A LED Replacement Bulb For SB-100P & FC-100 Series Lamps.

Key Features

LONGEVITY Rated life is 10x longer than a mercury vapor HID bulb (with typical use)

ECONOMICAL 4 year Return on Investment (with typical use)

INSTANT-ON OPERATION No wait time to get to full intensity

LOWER LABOR COSTS Eliminates down-time

SAFER Over 50% cooler! 225°F (HID) vs. 109°F (LED)

ENVIRONMENTAL Less environmental waste with fewer bulbs and energy efficient

RUGGED Far less likely to break than mercury vapor glass and filament bulbs

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