DLM-1500 Digital Radiometer with Foot Lambert & Foot Candle Sensors



The Gould-Bass DLM-1500 Digital Radiometer is a portable, 3-1/2 digit instrument that measures a spectral range of 380-700 nanometers both luminance in Footlamberts, or illuminance (photopic response) in your choice of Foot Candles or Lux

The latest LSI circuit design and display technology is used to achieve the lowest possible component count. This, in turn, assures reliability, accuracy, stability, and rugged dependability. In combination with its functional and aesthetic design, the Gould-Bass DLM-1500 is the easiest to handle light measuring instrument available today. The “DigiGlo” LCD display provides constant fluorescent illumination with no battery draw.

Easy to Operate

  • Simply slide the power switch to the “On” position
  • Place the sensor where the illuminance/luminance is to be measured
  • The illuminance/luminance is indicated on the DigiGlo LCD
  • Lux or foot-candles are indicated at 1 x the display reading (depending on the sensor used)
  • Footlamberts are indicated at x100 the display reading





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Features and Benefits

  • Meets AMS, ASTM, & Mil Standards
  • NIST Traceablilty assures meter accuracy
  • Includes illuminance and luminance sensors
  • Luminance sensor range 0-199,900 Footlamberts
  • Illuminance Lux or Footcandle sensor option reads accurately 0-1999 Footcandles or Lux, 380-700 nm range (spectral)
  • Illuminance corrected to CIE curve
  • Constantly fluorescing LCD – DigiGlo Readout
  • Auto zeroing display requires no adjustment
  • Durable polymer case for rugged NDT use
  • Low battery indicator
  • Accuracy ± 5%

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