UV-4700, Profusion XW Lamp


UV-4700 Profusion XW Lamp

The Profusion XW Lamp has an extra Wide UV-A beam designed for high power applications where package size matters. This fan cooled package is IP-68 rated. The engineered fin housing allows for maximum heat transfer in the harshest environments.  Massive amounts of UV-A wavelength emission in a small package! The Profusion XW is the perfect light for larger FPI and MPI non-destructive testing environments. The design of this package was demanded by aerospace and space companies that produce parts that are over 100 feet in length. Integration of the heat sinks and cooling are a foundational part of this lamp’s design.

Profusion XW attributes:

    • Waterproof – IP68 rated
    • 100% continuous duty at full output
    • Tested & Complies with ASTM E3022 Standard
    • Meets Specifications ISO 3059
    • approx. 100 Watts per lamp

UV-4700, 2-year manufacturers warranty.

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What’s Included:

Power supply, 10′ power cord, swivel mount and a tool control system.


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